2017-2018 Hillsborough County Republican Party Committees

Audit Kathy Brown 
Candidate & Elected Official Liaison Art Wood
Communications Joan Alagood
Election Integrity Gregg Prentice
Faith Based Margaret Smart
Finance Bob Emerson
Issues & Education Sharon Carlvert & Chris Shalosky
Legal Open
Organizational Volunteers Emma Runion
Precinct Development Betty James & Clarice Henderson
Procedural  Don Henderson
Sergeant At Arms William Beers
Technology Michael Henderson
Military & Veterans Affairs Steve Emerson
Minority Engagement  Eddie Adams & Luis Laracuente
College Republicans  Bob Emerson & Steve Emerson 


VR West Hillsborough Ms. Leona Stewart 
VR East Hillsborough Open
Teen Age Republicans Open

If you are interested in serving on a committee, please email

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