Edward Lindquist

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    When Trump ran for president in 2016 his campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again.” Well, let me ask you, what the heck happened? America currently has a deadly virus infecting our nation resulting in more deaths than any other nation on the planet, owing to Trump’s lack of a quicker response and denying at first, at the most critical time, that it would be as severe as it is now. We have a failing economy. We have massive unemployment. America has protests and riots going on worse than we have had in over half a century since Martin Luther King Jr.‘s assassination, due to unfair treatment and murder of minorities. And Trump does not like minorities, as shown by his dislike of Muslims, etc. in his campaign verbiage and diffuseness he rallied in every direction in his last campaign. And Donald Trump has made more Proven and Confirmed Lies and False Statements than any other President in our history. America is not getting great again at all. It is by far worse again. Just in time for Trump’s present-day non re-election campaign. When will Republicans ever grant these truths?

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