It is often said that Hillsborough County Voters reflect the values of America because of the emphasis we place on Freedom, Opportunity and Justice; and, because we vote those values.  At the Brandon Chamber of Commerce Hob Nob event those values were upheld by the Voters who overwhelmingly supported Republicans with their Vote.

We congratulate all the Republican and Non Partisan Winners:

  • Donald J. Trump for President
  • Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate
  • Gus Bilirakis for Congress, District 12
  • Christine Quinn for Congress, District 14
  • Dennis Ross for Congress, District 15
  • Vern Buchanan for Congress, District 16
  • Mark Ober for State Attorney
  • Dana Young for Florida Senate, District 18
  • John Houman for Florida Senate, District 19
  • Dan Raulerson for Florida House, District 58
  • Ross Spano for Florida House, District 59
  • Jackie Toledo for Florida House, District 60
  • Shawn Harrison for Florida House, District 63
  • Cori Fournier for Florida House, District 70
  • Eric Seidel for Clerk of Court
  • Sandra Murman for County Commission, District 1
  • Tim Schock for County Commission, District 7
  • Carl Hinson for 13th Judicial Circuit Court Judge, Group 3, Non Partisan
  • Missy Polo for 13th Judicial Circuit Court Judge, Group 24, Non Partisan
  • Miriam Valkenburg for County Court Judge, Group 10, Non Partisan
  • Bill Person and Susan Valdes, (tied) for School Board, District 1, Non Partisan
  • Cindy Stewart for School Board, District 3, Non Partisan
  • Joe Jordan-Robinson for School Board, District 5, Non Partisan
  • Stanley Gray for School Board, District 7, Non Partisan
  • Deborah Tamargo, Soil and Water Conservation, District 2, Non Partisan
  • Susan Dumke, Soil and Water Conservation, District 4, Non Partisan