Donald Trump and Republican Platform Call to Repeal Johnson Amendment


By Mike Kersmarki

HCREC Member


The Johnson Amendment – named after former President LBJ from when he was a powerful U.S. Senator in the 1950s - has essentially taken away the freedom of speech from ministers and preachers and rabbis, etc.


The bottom line?  Religious leaders have been muzzling themselves for decades for fear of losing the tax-exempt status for their churches, synagogues, etc.


This is just plain wrong and yet another reason to end the tyranny of the IRS.

For far too long, we have all stood by and allowed tax regulations - TAX REGULATIONS! – to ruthlessly press the iron boot heel of the Internal Revenue Service on the throats of these people of faith AND religion in general.


This one reason alone should be enough to vote against Hillary Clinton, who will preserve the Johnson Amendment as part of Washington’s unending lust for control over our thoughts and actions.


Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s platform have called for the repeal of the Johnson Amendment.


The difference is crystal clear between the two political parties on this singularly important issue.


It’s that simple.


Of course, proponents of the Johnson Amendment will contend that the IRS only acts in the most egregious cases.


But that’s missing the point.  The IRS should NEVER in any instance or circumstance, be allowed to use the tax code as a threat to regulate, deter or inhibit free speech.  Period!  End of discussion.


Instead, the Johnson Amendment has prevented truly earnest people of God from speaking out and telling their flocks what they really think of various issues.


Just as important, this unjust tax regulation has prevented them from telling their flocks – and the public at large - what they think of the people in government who make decisions about these issues and religious beliefs. 


Ministers and Preachers and Rabbis and others with a religious point of view should have unfettered rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution to advocate for their beliefs.


These people of faith also should be able to freely use their bully pulpit to support like-minded citizens and use the court of public opinion to rally against those opposed to their particular point of view.


These religious leaders, like any other leaders in the United States, should have the right and unfettered freedom to preach what they believe.  


If their flocks and/or church leadership don't like what they say, they can act accordingly. That's called FREEDOM, a concept that Washington is becoming less and less able to understand.


The Johnson Amendment – regardless of then Sen. Johnson’s petty political motives at the time – has probably done as much or more than any other single event to diminish the power of religion in a country that was founded as One Nation Under God.


It’s time to end the tyranny of the IRS once and for all.


Vote for Donald Trump.