An Excellent Day to Wake up!

America is experiencing a cultural revolution. Not with guns and war room plans. There will be no armaments in this revolution.


Actually, our legal armaments, our police, have been weakened. That’s what “Defund the Police” was all about. So is “gun control”. Don’t think for one minute that the Left is not afraid of an armed citizen. Hence the hand-wringing over school shootings. As Rahm Emanuel stated, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. So now we are in the crisis stage. A school shooting happens and out jumps the usual gang of fools, whining about gun control, although 98% of these shooters have no gun license, no training, and no regard for human life. And believe me, these people know this, but they are being led by those who have a much darker plan for America and it has permeated the very foundations of America’s schools.

They started their plan as early as the 1950s. You see, when World War I didn’t ruin us, the great stock market crash of 1929 didn’t ruin us, and the great depression didn’t ruin us, and WWII didn’t ruin us, they realized the only way we could possibly be ruined must come from within. The cold war didn’t kill us, but K-12 can certainly ruin us and even kill us. Although this takes more time, they decided, it is worth the wait.

So, while we proud Americans were dutifully sending our children to “good schools” and trusting they would take care of our children while we worked hard building banks, becoming doctors, and nurses, flying airplanes, building magnificent skyscrapers, selling real estate, and chasing the almighty dollar, the enemy was working within. The enemy comfortably worked within our schools and our institutions. The enemy of mankind was quietly meshing their way into our education, into our media, into our art, and into our minds.

Our Ivy League universities as well as community colleges were becoming corrupted. While the education system was gradually removing social studies, American history, and God, while coarsening the children's minds and turning them into selfish, self-centered, jellyfish, narcissists, we were ignoring our children. We neglected to fill them in on God and morality and left them in the hands of people who hated God and hated America.

While parents sipped martinis after a hard day’s work, they were trusting these institutions to fill in all the blanks. The sad part is that they did fill in all the blanks. They filled it in with Godless rhetoric. They filled it in by engendering hatred for their country. They convinced these tender minds that they can be whatever sex they wanted to be as early as 5 years old. They convinced them that hateful, violent video games were more important than their parents. They convinced them that their parents were hateful people whose main goal in life was to stop them from being their “true selves”.

So now what can we do? There’s a lot that we can do, but this work is not for the faint of heart. It’s for those who can step up, speak out, and NOT be insulted. Don’t accept the lies of the enemy. You see, the Left really doesn’t have an arsenal. They have only a very few names they can fall back on. “Racist” is one of them and “any-PHOBE” is the second one. That’s it. Name-calling. I know it very well, as I’ve been called every name in the book. From self-hating black woman to the “Black face of White supremacy”. We can rise above by making it clear that they can’t shame you into apologizing for your firmly held beliefs. Don’t let them “phobe” you into anything.

But for many of you, the very people that you gave birth to and loved and educated and fed and nurtured and spoiled are the very people who now “hate you” and won’t allow you to see your grandchildren unless you walk the straight line that they have proscribed. So many of you must remain quiet if you expect to see those little precious darlings again. This is destruction from within. And you look around and wonder, how did this happen?

And now the ruination has begun, but you can fight. You can start by WAKING UP.

Run for school board. I have heard over and over again “I don’t have any school-age children, why would I run?” YOU pay taxes, correct? If you own a home, a big chunk of your property taxes support our schools! Since YOU’RE paying for it, why would you not want these children to be educated with solid values for this country, to understand our American history? Don’t you want these children to be safe and educated properly in the hope of raising strong-minded and intelligent adults? Believe it or not, these children are our future.
What more can you do?
Get out there and get active.
Go to your Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) online and find out what they are doing and keep us aware of what’s happening in our government offices.
Look at the BOCC budget and see what’s coming down the pike and determine if these are good uses of our funds or bad uses of our funds.
And when you find something wrong, get a group together to become keyboard warriors.
If you have questions, ask anyone on the board. Call our HREC office. I’m not going down without a fight! Have we become so soft that we don’t see the world around us falling apart? Have we become so apathetic that none of it matters anymore? Bad people get away with bad things because good people sit back and do nothing. None of us are perfect, but we are good enough to fight wherever God puts us to fight.

We must pray – DAILY, for this country. We must pray and we must fight, in love, because this is a good fight. We must reach out to our loved ones, our children, and our friends, who may not see or understand or believe what is going on in the world as we do. Do not underestimate yourself and think you are too old, or too set in your ways, or too inarticulate. These are insecurities placed upon us by an evil, greedy society to keep us quiet. Evil people want to shut you up and shut you down. You MUST look evil in the face and say, I’M STRONGER THAN YOU! Because YOU have good on your side and God on your side. You have a group of over 270 people on your side and at your disposal. This is indeed, an excellent day to WAKE UP!


- Dana Galen

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