by Jeremiah Fortson

Always I have loved you, from the time I understood your words, to when I was way too young to remember the terrible time you had keeping me alive. 



A sinus condition constantly kept you on your knees praying for me and having me and one or another of my siblings often in a doctor’s office trying to get me well from one illness to another.   I was so sick that no one thought I would live. Yet you never gave in to me not being healed of all my infant illnesses.

Your prayers and your faith in God and the doctors healed me.  When I was seven you told me, “Son, I want you to follow in my footsteps.”  I will always love you and know and proclaim you to be a Virtuous Mother.  Virtuous like the one spoken of in the 31st Chapter of the Book of Proverbs in the Holy Bible.

Princess Cora is the name given to you at your birth.  In you Dad found a virtuous wife, a mother for all eight of us, his children, whose price is far above rubies or jewels.  Dad’s heart safely trusts you - in you is his ultimate trust.  You have always done your children and family well all the days of your 93 years of life -  and you continue to do so.

You became a merchant seamstress to adorn us your eight children and our Dad with beautiful clothing that was the envy of our peers, the community, and professionals who eventually desired to become your customers.  You always found work willingly for your hands to do.  Like a merchant ship providing supplies, with your skillful hands, you taught me to create and maintain a garden filled with all the foods needed to feed us - acres of garden grown foods.

When evening came, you were always there to feed your household and to help our neighbors in need.  When your work became profitable you continued to work long hours into the night.  Mother, you have always done your work with strength and vigor and have taught me to do the same in my life, to excel and to prosper.

During the stormiest of times you showered us with your love and strength.  You showed dignity and grace.  Your laughter and cheerfulness made all of us know that because of you we could and would make it through any hardship.  And now, as much as then, I depend on your instruction and your wisdom.  I, along with your other children, wake daily knowing just how blessed we are.  All of your family praises you.

“Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting.” (Proverbs 31:30) For your love and fear of the Lord God Almighty, which for every day of my life I have known you to have, you are to be praised.  I want to honor you now Mother and give you your flowers while you are here on this earth.  For all the work that your hands have done, for all of us your family and others, may your hard-work be praised, as my love for you is not just earth-bound.  My love for you, Mother, is Eternal.   

Happy Mother’s Day Momma,



- Jeremiah Fortson lives in the Tampa Bay Area of F. L He is a member of the Hillsborough County Republican Party and the HCRP Communications Committee. A native of Lakeland Florida, Jerry was educated at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and the University Of South Florida.  He is an avid active member of the LDS Church, a Boy Scout Leader, and local Business owner.