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Philip Dru Administrator, book review

 Book Review: Philip Dru Administrator

Book Review: Philip Dru Administrator by Edward Mandell House

Would you like an idea of what the Liberals have been planning since the early 20th Century? Philip Dru, Administrator is an easy read; it's free to acquire online; and it shows you how the Left envisioned their ideal utopia to function.

Written in 1912, the story is set in the future years of 1920-1935. It begins in the middle of a fictitious Civil War between the egalitarian western United States and the aristocratic East where one very self-righteous man, Philip Dru, believes he has the answer for all of society’s ills. He, along with a small elite group of supporters, believes he is the only person capable of righting what is wrong with America. He completely overhauls the United States government by enlisting all manner of “experts” to evaluate the entire federal government and institute their recommended "perfect" reforms. Dru then steps aside to make way for another Administrator to take his place. In reality, the United States in the story turns into a benevolent dictatorship. Keep in mind, when the book was written, the world had yet to experience the horrors that Marx's ideology unleashed on the globe. The many off-shoots of Marxism were still just philosophical ideals extolled by those who believed that Communism was the answer to the perceived troubles of Capitalism. 

In 1912 America, our colleges and universities had already begun their transformation into the autocratic Ivory Towers we know today. At the end of the 1800s, two main philosophical “schools” exported their brand of scientism* to the United States where they found open arms in academe: Fabian Socialists from Britain and the Frankfurt School from Germany. Both of these groups hated the American Revolution and the freedom enshrined in the Declaration and Constitution; they hated faith; and they hated Capitalism. The originators rallied around Darwin and Marx to begin a deliberate pogrom to define evolution and Marxism as scientific fact, while disparaging religion in order to delegitimize faith for the purpose of eventually reversing individual liberty as well as to destroy Capitalism through official government policy.

By legitimizing science over religion, the professorial Marxist-Darwinian apostles began a methodical takeover of education, media, government, culture, etc through scientific-sounding propaganda. They formed professional associations; lobbied politicians; wrote verbose treatises; and developed influential networks of like-minded individuals who worked together to gain strides toward their end-goal of utopia on Earth. Today, we see our massive federal bureaucracy populated with bloviating “experts” trying to administer every aspect of our lives (and usually failing miserably).

This book will give valuable insight into what the early Leftist disciples thought would be the Humanist's Heaven on Earth because they all believed (and still believe) that those outside their scholarly officious circle are completely incapable of taking care of themselves and must be guided through our miserable lives whether we want it or not.

*Scientism is a cult-like adherence to science as an ideal rather than quantifiable facts and theories that can be challenged and tested. It is looking to a person who is assumed to be an expert for direction rather than looking at evidence, weighing it logically, and making reasoned deductions. Today, real scientists use computer modeling more than hands-on experimental testing to reach actionable conclusions. Computer information is only as good as the data inputted and has led to many “mistakes” and oppressive governmental responses. This author believes scientism to be more religion than science.