Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? book review

Book Review: Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? by Richard J. Maybury

How many times have you gone into a store and noticed the price of something has increased? It happens all the time. For that matter, I can remember listening to my grandmother tell me about her experiences when she was young in the 30’s and early 40’s. She used to be able to take a penny into the candy store and buy 3 items with it! So, what happened?

We are inundated daily with “experts” on the news channels spewing economic terms like “inflation,” “deficits,” and “monetary policy.” But, what do those terms actually mean and why are there differing philosophies on how to manage them?

Years ago, I came across a book that began an economic journey for me and provided such clarity on answers to the questions above (and more), that I always keep a copy of the book to give to others when the need arises. Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? By Richard J. Maybury was originally written in 1989 and begins a series of books tackling the subject of economics for middle to high school level children. However, the truths taught in the books are wonderfully explained from the perspective of a Constitutional Capitalist, which the author calls a Juris Naturalist (natural law). The books are rife with quotes from our founding fathers and an adherence to their economic philosophies.

I highly recommend everyone read the Uncle Eric series of books, but especially Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? to educate yourself rather than relying on “experts” who probably don’t adhere to many of the ideologies of the founding fathers.