Capitalism v. Socialism 

Capitalism v. Socialism — Why Democrats Will Fail in November.


Tuesday’s Judge Kavanaugh Hearings Make This Cartoon Especially Relevant. CREDIT: Benson via ArcMax


               WARNING: College students should seek a safe space instead of reading this story. Please meditate to find your inner Saul Alinsky or the newest hero of the revolution, Colin Kaepernick. Will the last Nike employee turn out the lights?



As we gear up for state AND national elections this fall pitting capitalism against socialism, there can be little doubt that Lisa Benson’s political cartoons are easily worth a thousand words.

She absolutely nails it on socialism.


Lisa Benson, Washington Post Cartoonists Group


Medicaid for all … just don’t worry about the bill because the rich will pay for everything.

Ditto for a free college education.

If the socialist-progressive-Democrats win in November, they will simply do what they do best: spend other people’s money until America goes bankrupt.

Socialists will raise taxes and layer one overly-complicated regulation on top of another to screw up economies in overextended blue states and across the nation even more than Obama did.

Lisa Benson, Washington Post Cartoonists Group


Add in open borders, sanctuary cities and millions more illegals to ensure a cheap labor surplus.

The only possible outcome there will be smaller paychecks — especially for lower-income Americans — as socialists create their ‘workers paradise’ by destroying the middle-class once and for all.

At least wages will finally reach $15 an hour, but only because that’s the most everyone will make under socialism.

As we head into the madness of fall elections, the hysterical Left has become so bat-shit-crazy that they literally have to be carried out of the room.

The face of socialism. PHOTO Credit: BBC

That was apparent at Tuesday’s Mob Rule by Democrats and their anti-free-speech protesters during Judge Kavanaugh’s Senate Confirmation Hearings.

Their shameful tantrums at the Kavanaugh hearings are just the latest example of how Big Bro & Sis want to control EVERY aspect of your lives — and will shout you down if you even dare to disagree with them.

It was much the same for their anarchist counterparts among Democrats sitting on the Senate Judiciary Committee, who verbally shredded the constitution as they waxed poetically about how they can appoint liberal judges but Republicans must only name ‘mainstream’ judges.

Bill of Rights. Meh.

Freedoms of speech and religion? Overrated.

Second amendment. Gotta go. (how else will socialists be able to keep power once they turn America into Venezuela?)

Heck, who needs the Bill of Rights anyway when socialists are such intellectual giants AND economic geniuses.


Another socialist practicing her one-armed salute. PHOTO Credit: Daily Star


Just hand over your wallets and pocket constitutions. Let socialists do the thinking for you.

Of course, the whiny Socialist-Progressives are understandably frustrated. Confirming Judge Kavanaugh would force them to actually work with Republicans to pass legislation instead of having five justices on the Supreme Court create new ‘rights’ via judicial fiat that Democrats couldn’t sneak past the American public because of the potential political backlash.

Was this Rosie O’Donnell incognito? PHOTO Credit: PBS


Besides, the resisters are in such a frenzy right now that the next election could be the one-and-done they’ve always secretly yearned for anyways if they win.

And there’s no room in the their inevitable ‘worker’s paradise’ for the likes of Lisa Benson.

Why can’t she just draw a nice socialist unicorn blowing rainbows out of its …

Mike Kersmarki is a former business journalist now living in Tampa who worked on the Communications Teams for the 2012 Republican National Convention and the 2008 McCain Presidential campaign. Currently, he is researching a domestic policy book: “Worker’s Party: How Republicans Can Help ALL Americans Achieve Their Full Economic Potential.”