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We, the Republican Party of Hillsborough, back President Trump 100%  in his efforts to MAGA. He is delivering on the Promises he made – Promises Made/Promises Kept!

Clarice Henderson

  • By making our economy strong again, lowering taxes, creating new jobs!
  • Strengthening our military so we stay safe!
  • He is draining the DC Swamp… we are draining our Hillsborough Swamp!
  • Keeping us safe by strengthening our borders and building a wall!
  • We are asking the grassroots Republicans to donate by giving $20.20 to help President Trump and our other Republican Candidates WIN in 2020.
  • We cannot afford to lose…
  • We do NOT want SOCIALISM IN America. Do we?
  • What will happen if true conservatives sit on the sidelines? Do you want Socialism to be the new norm?
  • Please also consider giving on a monthly basis. Let’s strengthen the Republican grassroots!
  • Once you’ve given, spread the word and encourage others you know and love to contribute at www.hillsborough.gop/ceh.


"My main job is to be the liaison for every Republican in Hillsborough to the RPOF. I have been diligent to do a great job bringing the information back and forth by consistently attending the quarterly meetings, giving a report at the monthly REC meetings, attending club meetings for the past 4 years.

Another aspect of my position is to help guide the county party. I have been successful in helping with six major areas within our party in Hillsborough:

  1. Training - I helped develop curriculum and power point and am the lead trainer for our Precinct Committee Members.
  2. Fundraising - I helped raise over $50,000 net last fall.
  3. Volunteers - I have brought in dozens of volunteers. Everywhere I go, I promote the party and our wonderful President Trump!
  4. Republican Clubs - I have engaged with every Republican Club and their presidents and assisted in coordinating their efforts.
  5. Minority Engagement - I have reached out to the Latinos & Hispanics, helped form clubs with them; worked with the black community, participated in the Black Business Bus Tour & attended the NAACP meeting at the invitation of their president, helped the Jewish cause by meeting with concerned Republicans and assisted in the "Resolution against Anti-Semitism" being passed unanimously by the HCREC.
  6. RNC/RPOF/REC - I have made great strides in merging these working relationships to help coordinate the Republican Party's GOTV (get out the vote) efforts. I am also working with the Trump Campaign's Coalition efforts in Tampa: Black Voices for Trump and Latinos for Trump.

I have demonstrated that I am a team player at the local, state and national level.

If you wish to volunteer and assist us in electing great Republican candidates, go to www.hillsborough.gop and sign up.

For more information, go to:

Facebook: SCM/SCW

Facebook: Hillsborough Republican Party

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 813.924.0289


Thanks so much!