Colin Kaepernik and the Communist Left

by Jeremiah Fortson

The objective is to harm the NFL as a business, and it is succeeding.  

Fans are no longer before the games buying merchandise before the NFL. Season ticket holders are burning them up all over the country. People are no longer watching football on Sunday and doing other things instead, and cable and internet providers and restaurants are canceling NFL ticket and refunding customers, while chain restaurants are holding NFL burn parties with no NFL being watched when patrons come to a sports bar. This is just to name some of the ways the Left is destroying football, not the Constitution or the right to free speech or Colin Kaepernik’s hatred of America and the American flag. The left is out to destroy the NFL.

The league is allowing itself to be used as a political tool. The owners are allowing an in your face disrespect action toward America and the American Flag. There are people that want what is happening to the League to happen to happen. It is too masculine; it’s too Patriotic, too rugged individualistic. To the left, this has to be destroyed, and the league owners are willing dupes in the destruction of their own businesses.

The NFL does not know who its fan base is.  The Fans of the NFL are not militant agitators on the Left.

The liberal left does not like the NFL.  That is why they are in support of the NFL and its players destroying itself.  The NFL stands in complete opposition of what the left wants America to be seen and known for. The NFL stands for patriotism, manliness, rugged individualism, and masculinity. The left wants to erase all of these from the annals’ of the American way of life and what America and American Football is known for.

Here is the clincher folks. Colin Kaepernik is a Nation of Islam, Communist , anti American hating ignorant young biracial negro male, who loves Castro and a version of Malcolm X. That is because Malcolm X stopped being that type of Nation of Islam member. Malcolm X was killed by the Nation of Islam because he found out the truth out about those that taught him to hate America in the first place.  Kaepernik, however, does not have the ability yet to not groupthink and follow the leader.

Listen to the words of old Colin himself, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country [United States] that oppresses black people and people of color,” so much for all of you NFL players, NFL Owners, NFL Coaches, Political pundits, Hillary lovers and Mrs. What Happened Herself, we the American people are not fooled, and we Stand with our President who stands for We the People, The United States of America, and the Constitution. 


Jeremiah Fortson lives in Temple Terrace and is a member of the Hillsborough County Republican Executive Committee.