Colonel Jim Waurishuk Challenges Opponents to Use Reason and Realism When Discussing Immigration and Sanctuary Cities

by Joan Alagood

You can’t solve problems based on false perceptions.”

The Presidential Orders on Immigration and Sanctuary cities and counties were discussed at the Tampa Bay Tiger Bay Club’s sold-out, thought provoking exchange at the Ferguson Law Center in Tampa Friday, February 17.

Colonel Waurishuk, USAF (ret.) and Hillsborough County Republican State Committeeman, challenged the views of Anna Eskamani of Planned Parenthood and Nestor Ortiz of the Hillsborough County Diversity Council, presenting Eskamani and Ortiz’ proposals as emotional and idealistic, rather than factual and safe for Americans.

Col. Waurishuk identified himself as a pro-immigrant second generation immigrant.  He disputed the recent public charge made against him by a prominent local journalist that he is anti-immigrant.  He clarified that he is for legal, logical immigration and against illegal immigration, a distinction which most emotional illegal immigrant proponents do not distinguish.  "We are opening our borders to non-citizens and calling it immigration.  That is not immigration.  That is not waiting in line for your turn."

“I’m against-Illegal immigration - just like I’m against anything that is illegal. I’m a Constitutionalist - the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Jurisprudence and the Rule of Law. I am a REALIST - I deal in reality and the realities of the way the world is, not the false perception of the way many think the world should be.

Having travelled through nearly 70 countries, Waurishuk has been denied visas to enter other countries a number of times.  “You don’t have the right to travel to any country in the world, nor to become a citizen of that country just because you want to.  That other sovereign country has the right to reject you.”  He added the United States has the “weakest, most lenient immigration laws of any country.”

“You may feel compassionate” he says, but what are the results of those feelings?” Politicians and policy leaders don’t care about anyone’s feelings. Rather they use these feelings and these protests for their own propaganda.  Our leaders must be the adults in the room looking down the road and facing hard questions. Let us ask our politicians:  “Are you willing to take the responsibility for more terror acts?  If so, what is your degree of risk? How many residents of Hillsborough County can be victims before you stop?

“Leaders have to measure acceptable risk and be accountable” Waurishuk says.  “I ask them: ‘Can you look in the eyes of the family whose member has been raped, stabbed or murdered?’” 

Emotion will not bring that person back to life.  You can’t fix that.