There are many residents in the Tampa Bay area who fondly remember Eric Seidel as the Consumer Lawyer on television for nearly 20 years. Today he’s a candidate for Hillsborough Clerk of the Circuit Court, where his goal is to continue his platform of memorable customer service.


Today at a news conference in downtown Tampa, Seidel said, “There is another service I’d like to perform today and that’s to clean up something that has been bothering many voters lately – negative campaigns.”

“We’ve all seen the negative ads and attack mailers or read about them in the news and with the general election just two and a half months away, we can only presume it will get worse.”

“So, as a candidate, I’m here today to do my part. I’m here to sign a pledge to the voters of Hillsborough County to run a Clean Campaign for Clerk of the Court. It’s a simple pledge that promises the following: 

  • We recognize that a healthy debate is necessary in a free and open society, and that all opinions and voices should be heard; 
  • We agree to run a positive campaign for the office, and to be honest about our records as well as the other candidates; 
  • We agree to refrain from launching unfair, misleading or personal attacks against the other candidates;  And we agree to denounce any independent political group that unfairly attacks the other candidates.


“I’m also calling on the other candidates - Kevin Beckner and Pat Frank - to join me in committing to a clean campaign by signing this pledge.”

“Let’s join together now and show the people - especially our younger folks - that politics isn’t a race to the bottom, but a higher calling for those who wish to serve their country and their fellow citizens.

For further information contact:

Mark Proctor (813) 451-8780

Eric Seidel (813) 230-4947

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Eric Seidel, Republican, for Hillsborough County Clerk of the Circuit Court