by Jeremiah Fortson     

As a young 22 year old Black Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps, I was very angry at whom I thought then was a Great President - Jimmy Carter.

President Carter’s completely calamitous attempt at rescuing our American hostages being held hundreds of days in Iran occurred during the summer of 1979 when I was about to ship out to Iran myself.  But by the Grace of God that was not to be, as I was discharged just before my assignment came.

It was then the political season and I found out what a Truly Great President we had in President Ronald Wilson Reagan. I discovered that my first time voting for the “D” Democrat.  I did so only because my family voted for the “D” Democrat.

When Ronald Reagan became President, I began to realize then that I did not think like a democrat but I could not even have known or understood then my political leanings.  I knew I loved my Country. That is why I enlisted for six years in the United States Marine Corps.  I loved the rule of law and I loved my family and I knew that America stood for freedom and was the best country God has made for all mankind.  

It wasn’t until 1995, while watching television in a TV Room at an all-male boarding house, that I saw this Guy for the very first time in my life by the name of Rush Hudson Limbaugh.  Then I finally understood why I was not a leftist Democrat.  While watching Mr. Limbaugh’s TV show, I learned from him that day that Bill and Hillary Clinton were responsible for, and six times vetoed, a bill that would ban the hideous practice of infanticide thus allowing Partial Birth Abortion to flourish legally for the first time ever in the United States of America.  

I am from goodly parents and a goodly family, an everyday hard working family with a history of working as share croppers and seasonal workers with Parents who taught all seven siblings and myself to Love and revere our Heavenly Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.  

Hence my dilemma: my goodly family, with whom I grew up, now on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Family Reunions and most any other family gatherings, will whisper, Oh don’t talk to him.  He’s a Republican.  Don’t talk to Jerry, he is a Bushy.

 When George Bush ‘43 was President and I visited my families’ homes, I was barred from even speaking about my conservative views,  yet they hovered around the CNN big screen news broadcast or MSNBC’s broadcast every evening.  And the most insulting part… a Large Photo of Barack Hussein Obama hangs in the best location of our Family Monarch’s home.

When our family comes together for Family Prayer every Tuesday morning from here, throughout the U.S. and on both coasts, President Trump is made out to be the most Evil Creature on Earth.  I feel sorry for my family.  I love them all but I ache in my heart and soul because I so much want them to be free of the leftist way they believe, in spite of the conservative way they live.  They vote Democrat but they live conservatively.  For the family I love, they make me feel hopeless to help them.  I am forbidden to talk about important political matters around family members or friends. So I don’t see or speak to them now because I feel so much hurt from all of the times I was told I can’t talk about politics.

Having had this kind of treatment over and over, finally one early morning, following the day First Lady Mrs. Melania Trump read the Lord’s Prayer before the President spoke, during the pre-conversation before our weekly national family prayer, I realized, from a statement an older sibling made about our Brand New President and First Lady Melania Trump, just how deeply ingrained their leftist mentality is.  It was at that moment that I knew I had to walk away and that I could no longer take what I now know my family to be: that is lost to that fatal way of leftist indoctrination and thinking.  They will forever be victims of “Whitey Republicans.”

Jeremiah Fortson lives in the Tampa Bay Area of FL  He is A native of Lakeland, Florida and served in the USMC.  Jerry attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and the University Of South Florida.  He is an avid active member of the LDS Church, a Boy Scout leader and local Business owner. Jeremiah is also a member of the Hillsborough County Republican Party and its' Communications Committee.