Farage: ‘Hillary Clinton Is an Outdated Twentieth Century Candidate’

by Victoria Friedman

Speaking to Breitbart London’s editor in chief Raheem Kassam, the Member of the European Parliament (MEP) and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage said:  “Hillary Clinton is a twentieth century candidate standing on twentieth century ideas that are now outdated because they haven’t worked and they have failed.




“She is the continuity candidate so if you want things to stay exactly as they are with big business and big politics inside the Washington Beltway running your lives then you vote for Hillary.

“But if you want change, you vote for Trump.”

He continued: “There are enough people who are unhappy about the direction that America is going in, dissatisfied with the growing inequality between rich and poor, and concerned about safety, security, and terrorism.

“For all of those reasons I think Trump has momentum and I now think he will win.”

Remarking on why he strongly believes that Mr. Trump will win the election, Mr. Farage said: “I think that the new campaign team that he’s got around him – including Breitbart’s own Steve Bannon – have got him into the right place. I think he’s shown not just discipline in his messages, he also looks more relaxed. There have been some lighter movements.”

Reflecting on his own career in British politics, the man known as “Mr. Brexit” said: “I’ve been prepared to kick back hard against an establishment that have coalesced around a view of the world that wasn’t mine and wasn’t the view of the silent majority.

“So I’ve fought hard and I’ve punched hard. Anyone who has seen my speeches in the European parliament know that.

“But I think it’s equally important to show that there is a human side to you. That you’re real and you shouldn’t be afraid to smile or have a bit of a laugh. I think you should just be yourself.

“That’s one reason why Trump’s turned things around. He’s shown a lighter side”...

Asked what advice he would give Mr. Trump, the man who delivered the Leave vote in the UK-EU referendum said: “Your job, Mr. Trump, if you want to win this presidential election, is to represent the little people.

“Your job is to represent the people who don’t work for the giant multinationals, for the people that aren’t rich, the law-abiding people who work and pay their taxes, and bring up their kids.”