Joan Alagood

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    Dems Judge Color, Republicans Judge Character

    Who are the real racists?  It is Democrats who judge you by the color of your skin, your career in law enforcement or your political affiliation.  The level of melatonin in your skin, your profession as a policeman or your voter registration engenders a knee jerk reaction from the ranting racists who reside on the Left.

    In the mean-spirited minds of the Left, if you are a cop, you must be racist. If you are a Republican, you are racist.  Sorry to tell you Dems, your demagoguery, your retreaded refrain, is getting old.

    When Dems point a finger at cops and Republicans, there are four pointing back at themselves.

    Look at the facts. Who fought to maintain and expand slavery?  Democrats. Who was the Party of Jim Crow?  Democrats.

    The 13th Amendment abolishing slavery passed with 100% Republican support and only 23% Democrat support.

    Who wages the unsuccessful 50 year War on Poverty, creating five decades of dependence on government and decimating intact families?  Democrats.



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