She Should Look in the Mirror
According to Hillary Clinton, Caucasians are inherently racist.
Hillary, perhaps you are “inherently racist”, but do not dare to impugn my character or that of my friends or a hundred million others like me.
Unlike you Hillary, Constitutional conservatives believe God is the fountain of life.  We are all created by God, so how can we be better than any other man or woman?  According to the Declaration of Independence, “All men are created equal” Hillary.  We cherish this founding principle.  Do you?      
Your behavior belies your beliefs, Hillary.  You appear to believe you are special.  Above us. Certainly above the law.  You blame us for implicit racism because you look through your own distorted lenses.  You were raised with a silver spoon.  You attended Wellesley.  You married well.  You are so much smarter. 

If Americans are so racist Hillary, why did we elect a black president?   Why do we have black stars who have reached the top in entertainment, in sports and in science, the pinnacle of success in America?  It is because we do NOT judge people by their race but rather by their talents.

Have you heard of melanin Hillary?  Melanin explains variety in skin shades due to the latitude of the globe from which peoples originated. The different angle of sun’s rays striking different latitudes affects skin color. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_skin_color.)
What did you learn at Wellesley, Science or Women's Studies and Social Justice reading Steinem and Alinsky? 

Speak for yourself and your liberal friends, Hillary. It is you who are the queen of “isms”, racism, sexism, feminism AND elitism.  It gets old.

And stop playing the race card to divide us.  We are on to your game.