Hillary the Abnormal

The media are saying that it’s okay for them to abandon their “impartiality”, as though anyone believed they ever were, because Trump is such an abnormal candidate. That Trump is so horrible that no matter what illegalities Hillary has committed or how frail her health may be, she’s better than Trump.
As a proud former member of #NeverTrunp I have no problem saying that Trump is a far more normal presidential candidate than Hillary Clinton.

Like most previous presidential candidates, Trump actually likes America and Americans. After eight years of Obama, many Americans have forgotten what it’s like to have a president who actually sticks up for his country rather than apologizing for it and attacking it.

Despite many political differences Ronald Reagan and JFK both believed in the American dream and in American exceptionalism; which results from a true diversity that liberals hate: the blending of the best from many different cultures from WASPs to Hispanics to Blacks to Italians.

Hillary views us as peons to be ruled by her and her cohort. Trump wants to empower Americans to run their own lives not make them subservient to Hillary’s ruling class.

While Trump is following in the footsteps of JFK and Ronald Reagan, Hillary is a fawning admirer of government by the politicians, for the politicians, and of the politicians.

Hillary is also the first presidential candidate to tell churches what they should or shouldn’t believe in. According to the Gospel of Hillary abortion is a sacrament. She’s all for forcing nuns who dedicate their lives to helping the poor to pay for abortions, and she’s enthused about making five-year-old girls share the washroom with 40-year-old bearded men who say they think they’re really women.

While most Americans who do support abortion support it only in cases of rape, or to protect the life of the mother and then only in the first trimester Hillary supports abortion up until the instant of birth for any reason. Hillary is also quite comfortable with Planned Parenthood profiting by selling baby parts.

There are simply no candidate in the history of the U.S. with such a radically anti-Christian morality agenda. Even Hillary herself used to say when Bill was president that abortion should be safe, legal, and rare.

In terms of morality, it’s Trump who actually believes in religious liberty and who opposes abortion in general and is far more in the lineage of past presidential candidates, Republican and Democrat.

It used to be that presidential candidates agreed that politics stops at the waters edge; that foreign policy should be based on what’s good for America.

But Hillary showed she’s cool with Obama’s belief that we should not worry about the world because cutting military spending frees up dollars to buy voters and line her own pockets.

Hillary supports a deal that will allow Iran to have nuclear weapons in the near term. Can anyone imagine any presidential candidate of the past, with the exception of John Kerry, who would do that, given that the mad mullahs constantly and unequivocally support terrorism?

Trump opposes unnecessary foreign involvements, he clearly puts American interests first, and he opposes the Iran deal. Sure because Trump is Trump his position might change but Trump has never advocated overthrowing a foreign government, as Hillary did in Libya, and then simply walked away from the people who suffered as a result, as Hillary did. Historically, even when America has made a mess we’ve tried to undo it; as Bush did in Iraq and Truman did in Korea.

Hence Hillary is far more abnormal than Trump in the foreign policy arena because she either believes foreign policy doesn’t matter -- given her abysmal record as secretary of state this is likely -- or that America’s interests shouldn’t come first.

While there have been previous candidates who were racists -- Woodrow Wilson comes to mind -- the reality is that since Eisenhower, American presidential candidates have opposed the invidious racism that permeated the Democrat party, especially in the South.

Yet Hillary opposes school choice for inner-city Blacks, is comfortable with the fact that Black unemployment is twice white unemployment, isn’t bothered by the fact that the leading cause of death for Black Americans is abortion, and wants to bring in millions of low skill illegals to drive down the wages of the poorly educated Blacks that Democrat cities produce.

Trump’s supposed “racism” is based on his rejection of the claims of those who come here illegally and to his objection to radical Muslims who say that Sharia should be the law of the land. Trump is being called a racist for adhering to Rev. Martin Luther King Jr’s admonition to judge people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin; welcoming a legal Mexican immigrant while rejecting an illegal Polish immigrant. Trump is also reaching out to Blacks to see how we can fix the problems resulting from the endemic racism in the Democrat party.

Based on their positions it’s clear that there is a racist in this presidential race and it’s Hillary.

In terms of the role of the presidency, Hillary supports Obama’s view that unless a court slams him down, and in some cases even then, he can do whatever he wants.

Whether it’s the use of the IRS to target political opponents, using the FBI to sweep criminal activity under the rug, or the unlawful “legalizing” of hundreds of thousands of illegals Obama has made it clear that the Constitution is a dead letter to him. Hillary supported that when she was in his regime and she has used it to her advantage since.

Based on their track records it’s Hillary, not Trump, who believes she’s above the law and that the Constitution doesn’t matter. Sure, Trump used the full power of the law to try and force a widow out of her home but when he lost he walked away. He didn’t hire someone to steal her property. He didn’t think he could break the law with impunity the way Hillary does.

Finally, much is being made of Trump’s less-than-stellar personal life. Sadly, the reality is that presidents such as LBJ and JFK were not paragons of sexual morality either. While it’s true that there is no record of Hillary personally philandering, she did viciously attack women her husband sexually harassed and/or allegedly assaulted.

She covered for Bill’s escapades thereby enabling him to harass more women, and she did so for apparent personal gain. After all, no one would have ever heard of Hillary without Bill’s presidency since, other than ensuring that a child molester got one year for raping a 12-year-old, she’s never done anything that would get anyone’s attention...

There is no previous example of a presidential candidate who so shamefacedly lied to the American people to cover their own political ambitions as Hillary has.

Bottom line -- there is an abnormal, outside-the-historical-limits candidate in this presidential race -- Hillary.