What the Blame Stream Media Won’t Tell You...

In his landmark immigration speech held in Arizona last evening,  Donald Trump expressed his love for the people of Mexico and his willingness to work together with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.

He reminded the audience that many illegal aliens are good people and that as president, he will treat all people fairly, justly and with compassion.

He said we are ALL going to win by creating a new relationship between our two countries that is fair to both.  


Trump said he plans to continue to talk openly and without fear.

And he admonished the media for refusing to report the facts about illegal immigration.

He plans to put the cartels out of business and keep drug dealers and other criminals out by building a wall.

He said a wall will cause crime to come down, border crossings to plummet and welfare payments to be reduced.

His stated goal is to make life better for American citizens first, especially for those people living in the inner cities, which he plans to rebuild.  

NAFTA and TPP will be renegotiated.

He added that reforming legal immigration will serve to bolster American workers and bring jobs back home.

He plans to end catch and release of criminals and have zero tolerance for the estimated two million criminal aliens estimated to be in our Country.

Controlling visa overstays will become a top priority.   He will suspend visas from countries where adequate screening of dangerous criminals cannot occur.  He reminded the audience that two of the 9/11 terrorist were here on expired visas.

As President, Donald Trump will cancel all unconstitutional executive orders and enforce all federal laws.

By securing the border, thus stopping drugs and crime, the government will have the funds to protect Social Security and Medicare and get Americans back to work.

Trump declared his candidacy is a MOVEMENT and urged the Arizona audience, as well as the television audience, to “get everybody to go out and vote on November 8.”


by Bridget Tucker