Not Your Father's Democratic Party

The Democratic National Platform of 1960 celebrated self-reliance and individual dignity.   It aimed to balance the budget.

“Ask not what your country can do for you, rather ask: what can YOU do for your country?” John F. Kennedy famously exclaimed.  He supported tax cuts and budget surpluses.  Freedom, not socialism.  Personal responsibility, not whining nor blaming. 

Today, Hillary turns JFK’s plans upside down, bribing citizens for their votes by making promises about what our country can do for them.  Her predecessor, President Obama doubled the national debt - now 20 trillion dollars - with such programs as insurance for 25 years old “kids”, free birth control and free phones.  Rather than protect our borders as JFK did, Mrs. Clinton promises to invite in many more millions of illegals, including un-vetted Syrians, drug dealers, law breakers and perhaps terrorists into the USA.

JFK shared Martin Luther King’s dream "to make justice a reality for all of God's children.”  Instead Democrats today stir up racial divisions, blame the police in Boston and poison the well before the facts are known in Sanford, Baltimore and Baton Rouge. Before a jury has heard one word, Democrats now condemn the police first, fomenting anger in groups like Black Lives Matter.

JFK staunchly opposed communism.  President Obama appointed a self-avowed communist to his White House staff. Hillary celebrated Alinsky’s Marxist thought beginning by writing him fan mail and in her college thesis.

JFK believed in peace through strength.  Obama and Hillary make feeble attempts at peace through appeasement. Then release terrorists to return to their home country to attack us again.

JFK believed in developing U.S. energy reserves.  BHO cancelled the natural gas pipeline and HRC will put coal out of business.  

JFK’s vision took us to the moon and back.  BHO cancelled NASA’s Constellation project – using NASA instead for Muslim outreach.  HRC will do more of the same.

JFK extolled the virtue of free enterprise, private business and eliminating burdensome regulations.  BHO and HRC choose to restrict free enterprise with stifling regulations, slowly strangling the life out of small businesses. They roll health care, state schools and school loans  into big Government, removing these vital economic engines from the private sector.

Today’s Democratic Party is the opposite of that of 1960. The Democratic Party of today has morphed into a jackass - no longer a pro-America worthy pack animal, but rather a destructive Party, constantly braying that America’s best days are behind us.

JFK asked us to give to our Country rather than take.  JFK opposed racial divides. He opposed Socialism and fought Communism. JFK believed in America and in peace through strength. JFK wanted our energy developed.  He expanded our space program and supported small businesses. 

In other words, today, John F. Kennedy would have to vote Republican.