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Welcome to the Mid-May 2023 Newsletter

We look forward to seeing all our members at our next meeting on Thursday, June 8, 2023Guests are always welcome but space is limited! If you are not a member of the HCREC, please click here, to reserve your spot.

May 11, 2023  |  Hillsborough.GOP   |  Read this article online HERE

Welcome to the Mid-May 2023 Newsletter

We look forward to seeing all our members at our next meeting on Thursday, June 8, 2023Guests are always welcome but space is limited! If you are not a member of the HCREC, please click here, to reserve your spot.

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Welcome to our Mid-month Update . We hope you will find the topics covered here interesting and informative. 

If you have not yet signed up to help one or more committees, please do so today. Helping Republicans win elections is our primary task and our candidates cannot do it without your help. You can see our committees below.

Past Events

Tampa Bay National Day of Prayer
On May 4, 2023, our Chair, Dana Galen, delivered the Prayer for Government and Judiciary at the Tampa Bay National Day of Prayer.

HCREC Training for Precinct Committeemen and Women
On Saturday, May 6, 2023, Carmen Edmonds, Chair of the Precinct Development Committee and Kathy Gallo, Chair of the Communications Committee held a Precinct Committeeman and Area Leader Training.

Those attending were provided with ways to get in touch with the voters in their precincts, including sample introductory letters, and other ideas they can use to work their precincts.

Thank you to those who gave their time to attend. If you are interested in becoming a Precinct Committee Person, please contact Carmen at [email protected]


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Elections - GOTV

Get Out the Vote - Rick Kunz, Vice-Chair, HCREC

Although it seems far away, election season is approaching quickly. In March of 2024, voting for the presidential primary comes to Florida. There is much to do and much already happening. Here a just a couple of things we re working on:

1) Develop our Precincts (Group in Areas)
Just a few days ago some 30 precinct committeemen and women, as well as area leaders, gathered for training under the leadership of Carmen Edmonds and Kathy Gallo. Lists of super-voters for each precinct leader were distributed. What better time than now to strategize for your precinct. At this time in the election cycle we are preparing walk lists, introducing ourselves to Republicans in our precincts and developing those relationships. What about your precinct? Do your neighbors know you are their resource for all things Republican?

2) Recruit Great Candidates
There are many who have already thrown their hats in the ring and are planning to run for office in 2024. Maybe you too are thinking about running either in 2024, or in 2026, or beyond. That is great! I hope you will take advantage of all the training opportunities that will soon be available to you. Even if you are not running for office, you can attach yourself to someone who is. There is no better way to learn the intricacies required of running a campaign than jumping into the trenches and joining a candidate’s campaign. I know the candidate would love to have your help!

These are exciting days. Working together we can make a difference in our county, state, and country. I like what John Wooden wrote: “Stay the course. When thwarted, try again; smarter. Persevere relentlessly.”

School Board Elections in 2024

Below is a map of Hillsborough County depicting our current School Board. Four of the seven School Board seats are up for election in 2024. All four of those seats are held by Democrats. If we want to ensure Parent Rights, keep pornography out of our school libraries, and stop indoctrination of our schoolchildren, we must gain a majority on the School Board. This is one of our GOTV challenges in 2024.



Status of the Refund of the Transportation Tax - Still Waiting

By Karen Jaroch
Taxpayer Advocate and former Vice-Chair, HART

Starting on January 1, 2019, your hard-earned money was taken from you on every purchase you made inside Hillsborough County. It’s been over 2 years since the Florida Supreme Court ruled this tax illegal but not until $470 million was illegally taken. The money has sat idle in government coffers and although politicians say they want to refund the funds back to the people, they have failed to do so thus far. Meanwhile special interests behind the illegal tax are lobbying to divert these funds to their benefit rather than rebate the people it belongs to.

The Governor proposed a refund process which was taken up by the Senate, but this solution is a non-starter as it would require citizens to produce receipts for their purchases made over 4 years ago! The House had a better solution, they proposed a sales tax holiday that would refund the entire $470 million. The flaw with both plans appears to be that neither made a provision to pay the lawyers who were on contingency and deserve to be compensated for their efforts. Judging from the last minute posturing that resulted in neither the House nor the Senate bill passing before the session ended, the refund will be delayed for another year.

Tell your elected legislative leaders that it would set a bad precedent for the government to spend funds obtained illegally. Tell them the fairest way to refund the $470 million to the people is with a sales tax holiday.

Get Involved - Volunteer for a Committee

Whether you are a HCREC Member or a Concerned Citizen, your participation is needed. Contact one or more Committee Chairs and volunteer.

  • Precinct Development Committee:  Contact Carmen Edmonds [email protected]
  • Communications Committee:  Contact Kathy Gallo  [email protected]  |  Includes: Social Media Team, Military/Veterans Team, Faith-Based Team, Email/Texting Team, Community Engagement Team, Messaging/Newsletter Team
  • Legislative Affairs Committee:  Contact Teresa Miller @[email protected]
  • Election Integrity Committee:  Contact Jeff Lukens [email protected]
  • Get Out The Vote (Elections) Committee:  Contact Rick Kunz [email protected]
  • Finance Committee:  Contact Gina d’Angelo [email protected]
  • Membership Committee: Contact Maggie Lalk [email protected]


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