By Mike Kersmarki                

The Tampa Bay Times and New York Times are patting themselves on the back  for two, side-by-side (are therefore ‘equal’) articles on Donald Trump’s business debts v. the Clinton Foundation.  This dubious pair of stories is on page 4A of the print version of the Sunday (8/21/16) Tampa Bay Times.

But when you consider the immense time, money and resources committed by the NYT to analyze the potential debts, etc., of Mr. Trump, the bias is breathtaking and unforgivably treacherous.

The New York Times and much of the so-called mainstream media are simply not nearly as aggressive in the pursuit of potential wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation as they are in attacking everything Trump.

It’s very easy to see here that for the NYT, it’s all hands on deck to do a slam job on Trump by implying that he’s somehow being less than truthful about his companies’ debts. 

But the NYT only makes a very facile, cursory effort with very basic reporting to amass quotes.  But there’s NO actual ‘investigation’ to analyze the quid pro quo corruption by the Clinton gang and all of the foreign donations.

The classic quote about halfway in the foundation story was the NYT quoting a spokesman for Lebanese-Nigerian real estate developer Gilbert Chagoury.  Through the spokesperson, Chagoury said that he only donated between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation because he simply wanted access to the Clintons because he had “simply wanted to provide insights on elections in Lebanon.”

Up to $5 million for an election update? LMAO!!!!!! That’s one helluva an expensive political analysis.

It’s such an absurd explanation that it couldn’t have possibly been said with a straight face.  Yet the NYT prints it as gospel.  They probably should have said the quote was from Chagoury spokesman Baghdad Bob.

If we just rely on the NYT – and, apparently, the Tampa Bay Times – we’ll NEVER know what these repressive foreign regimes and corrupt foreign business interests have received (or will get if HRC wins the White House).

This is just the latest example of media corruption and whether it’s done consciously or subconsciously by otherwise decent people is irrelevant.  It’s just another unfair hurdle placed in the middle of the road by the overwhelmingly Democratic AND progressive so-called journalists who infect our national and regional media.

In fact, if the Tampa Bay Times truly wants to distinguish itself, THIS is the story to devote resources to, analyzing the Clinton Foundation once and for all.  They have the staff now that they’ve taken over the Tribune, they still have the time and they certainly have the money and other resources.

Our local newspaper could bust this story wide open, but we all know they never will.  If the Clinton Foundation were a Republican organization, journalists would be falling over each other with story after story day after day.

But because this particular foundation was founded and run by a duo of progressive Democrats – along with the next Clinton being groomed for this corrupt family dynasty - the media is all about telling us to not look at the person behind the curtain.

LOL.  It would truly be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

-Mike Kersmarki is a member of the Hillsborough County Republican Party and the HCRP Communications Committee