Mia Love's Powerful, Passionate Speech in Support of Innocent Human Life

by Matthew K. Burke @ politistick.com

Republican Utah Congresswoman Mia Love spoke at the 44th annual March for Life on Friday in a powerfully impassioned plea for the support of innocent human life that should go down as one of the greatest pro-life speeches in history.

WATCH Mia Love's Speech here:  https://youtu.be/aQQ2_B7oDe8

Surrounded by hundreds of thousands, Rep. Love told the moving story of her parents, who came to America 41 years ago from Haiti and her parent’s decision to let her live even though it may have been more “convenient” for the young immigrants to do what progressive leftists urge — have an abortion.

“It was inconvenient for them to find out they were pregnant with their third,” Love explained about her parent’s choice. “Because both had to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. Some would say it would have been easier for them to have an abortion but this couple had to make a difficult choice to protect the life of their child or always wonder what might have been,” Love told the huge crowd rallying in Washington, D.C.

As Mia Love wiped away tears streaming down her face, the crowd exploded in thunderous applause and cheers that interrupted her speech for 45  seconds.

“More than that, they would have never dreamed that she would grow up to fight for all children and those yet to be born,” she continued. “We all have talents — we all have gifts — we all have a purpose. And all of it for the benefit of us in our society. All we are asking is that we no longer settle for what might have been.”

Rep. Love asked for God to bless women who have experienced an unplanned pregnancy and urged Americans to love and embrace them and “help them discover their power and their potential.”

“But may we never allow our funds to pay for the deaths of young children,” she concluded.