By Bridget Tucker

In 2012 Barack Hussein Obama received 66 million votes.  The Republican also-ran received 61 million.  Buried among these statistics is the fact that 93 million voters stayed home sleeping.

That was then.

Then the invasion at the border was less conspicuous.  Then cops could go to work without mortal danger.  Then children could use a bathroom with only members of their same sex.  Then no one knew Hillary had a secret server. Then few knew Hillary accepted money from Middle Eastern countries who treat women as second class citizens.  Then misogynist refugees were not attacking girls on the streets of Europe.  Then church members could follow their conscience.

93 million American voters slept peacefully unaware of the hordes at the border. Unaware that terrorists would slip in along with those seeking refuge.  Unaware of the consequences of a 20 trillion dollar debt tsunami.  Unaware that while vets waited for care their resources were reassigned to illegal entrants who were moved to the head of the social services line.  Unaware that the military has been weakened to levels not seen in decades.  Unaware that 94 million citizens are out of work.  Unaware that job seekers quit looking.  Unaware that wages have stagnated for 8 years.  Unaware that being “offended” was a crime.  Unaware that supporting American values was greeted with sneers and loathing. Unaware that protecting his borders made him a bigot. Unaware that politicians only represent the powerful, not the people.

“Sweet dreams and flying machines and pieces on the ground.” * There is nothing like radical Islamist fanatics shooting up night clubs to wake one from peaceful slumber.  Nothing like murder on a California boardwalk caused by an unvetted illegal to shiver your timbers.  Like Pearl Harbor, like the sinking of the Lusitania, it is hard to snooze when the ship is sinking and the Captain is nowhere in sight.  I take that back – he is off playing golf on Martha’s Vineyard.

And the Executive Officer “on deck” hasn’t held a conference in 270 days.  When asked a question her nose grows – which does not inspire much confidence in the crew.  She babbles and blames. She short circuits and misremembers.  "It’s a vast alt-right conspiracy", she says.

The funny thing is: she is correct.  There IS a mutiny stirring on the Bounty!

The Monster sees fire and the Monster feels rain.  It appears the Monster’s Country might never be the same again.   Citizens' feet are tingling.  Their hearts are racing.  Their alarms are blaring.

It is November 8.  Time for 93 million voters to wake up.

*Fire and Rain by James Taylor