by Jeremiah Fortson

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Will We Ever Get Rid of This "Government Shutdown Bilge"?

When will the Republican Party stop this fear of the lights going out if 17% of the government closes?  Because of Washington Elites and you never Trumpers, the United States Government never really totally shuts down, and if it did, the only way the American public would know it is from the National media or by some Government Leader ordering the closing down of an American National Military Memorial or a National Park, just as Barrack Obama did when he was President.  No, a government shutdown would not be noticed by the American people.  Showing the Washington elites and the washed up Democrat Party what liars they are would truly get rid of some of those swamp creatures in Washington D.C.   That is, if the Republican Leadership had some gonads.


Free Speech Under Attack In America

The stifling of free speech on college campuses is a burgeoning effort by leftist communists who have completely taken over the Democrat Party.  They are in the process of making it so that they can now stop or completely shut down any speech important to them that is being violated or that they think is inherently valuable to them.  These leftist criminals and Communistic Anarchists will shut you down in order to be able to create a Central Authority that will eliminate and punish any free speech that these modern leftist, communist anarchist do not want to hear.   That is what the anti-free speech movement on college campuses now being written about in OP-ED pieces in the New York Times is all about.

Barack Obama A Hypocrite?  Not.

Democrats are allowed to be hypocritical, that is why Obama can fresh out of retirement make $400,000.00 with the Wall Street bank, Cantor Fitzgerald.  And he is soon to make another such payday later on this year from another Wall Street group.

The drive-by national Main Stream Media will not call out the Democrats for the hypocrites Democrats are because the Democrats misdeeds are, for them, resume’ enhancers.  The Democrats commit all kinds of illegal and debauched acts and that only serves to elevate them.  Take the cases of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Up until this election cycle they were Rock Stars in the Democrat Party.  And in this case Obama will be no different. 



 - Jeremiah Fortson lives in the Tampa Bay Area of FL.  He is a native of Lakeland, Florida and served in the USMC.  He attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and the University Of South Florida.  Jeremiah is an avid active member of the LDS Church, a Boy Scout leader and local Business owner.

He is also a member of the Hillsborough County Republican Party and its' Communications Committee.