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Hillsborough County Republican Party Elects New Chair

Hillsborough County, FL – On December 8th, 2022, The Hillsborough County
Republican Executive Committee (HCREC) elected its first black Chairman, Dana
Galen. She has been a Republican since the days of Reagan and upon arriving in the
Tampa Bay area has actively worked in the Republican Party and grown a conservative
club to nearly 350 members.

There were 152 HCREC members present at the monthly meeting. The main order of
business was the bi-annual election of Board Officers; Chairman, Vice-Chairman,
Secretary, and Treasurer. Galen created a slate with three other HCREC members and
campaigned with promises of Building a strong Republican presence in all Hillsborough
communities, Make Fundraising Great Again, and expand voter drives. Galen won with
nearly 66% of the vote, Rick Kunz was elected as Vice-Chair, Maggie Lalk was elected
as Secretary, and Gina D’Angelo was elected Treasurer.

As a result of a strong showing in the November General elections with Hillsborough
BOCC returning to a Republican majority and Governor DeSantis’ strong victory, Galen
is looking forward to building upon those successes and envisions a greater and
stronger Republican presence in Hillsborough.

Galen and her slate started in March of this year planning to achieve two goals: winning
the board positions in December and strategizing on how to increase fundraising and
show even greater gains in the 2024 elections.

Galen started from humble beginnings in East St. Louis where as a child she would sing
in church. Her love of music led her to obtain a degree in music and become a
professional singer. She also was a para legal for 16 years and has traveled through
much of the world. Galen’s successes in all of her pursuits through the years give great
hope of her leadership abilities for the local Republican Party to become a formidable
political force in Hillsborough.

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