Upcoming Poll Watcher Training For 2022 Election!!!


Fellow Patriots:

In light of the trouble that occurred during the 2020 election, it is so important that we do everything we can to prevent fraud in the 2022 elections. We thank you for your interest in this matter and your willingness to participate in this effort. This email is intended to update you on what lies ahead in Hillsborough as we prepare for the elections. 


We are currently building a list of individuals interested in poll watching. We have about 300 people identified so far, but we need many more. We are looking to grow our poll watcher ranks for the elections to come. We ask that you complete the form on the following link to sign up for training and to better determine how to employ you in this effort: http://protectyourvotefl.org/volunteer


We have developed a program that will follow state statutes and ensure poll workers and watchers do their jobs correctly. We held our first live training on June 4 in Plant City, and it was a big success. Here are our training plans for the weeks ahead: 

Live Poll Watcher Training

July 9 - 1 PM - Jimmie Keel Library in Carrollwood

July 16 - 1 PM - Bloomingdale Library in Valrico

July 23 - 2 PM - Jan Platt Library in South Tampa

July 30 - 1 PM - SouthShore Library in Sun City Center

Zoom Poll Watcher Training

July 12 - 7 PM

July 18 - 7 PM

More Zoom training will be added as needed. 


Unlike the precinct poll watchers, watching the local Drop Boxes does not require people to be credentialed by the SOE. We are coordinating with a friendly non-profit PAC to cover the dropbox locations while focusing on the precincts. Conservative NPA poll watch volunteers will be referred to them to help with their efforts to secure Drop Box locations. 

Beginning August 1, we plan to assign poll watchers to early voting locations, precinct polling places, and drop box locations. For this reason, we encourage you to complete your poll watcher training either live or by Zoom as soon as possible. 

Thank you for being a part of the election integrity process in Hillsborough County. Please help enlist your friends and neighbors to join the effort. If you know someone who has not already joined the Hillsborough Poll Watching effort, please have them contact us, and we will add them to the team. 

Jeff Lukens

Chairman, Election Integrity Committee

Hillsborough Republican Party

Email: [email protected]