The Importance of Republican Unity

The one thing made clear by the bizarre decision not to charge Hillary Clinton with federal violations over her reckless endangerment of national security is that Hillary Clinton simply cannot be president.  Whatever else happens, someone so corrupt, so cavalier about the security of the country, so willing to put her own secrets above the basic safety of the nation is unfit at every level to be President of the United States.

There is only one person standing in the way of that befalling our great nation: The presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States, Donald Trump.

No one else can stop the corrupt, lying train wreck that would be a Hillary Clinton presidency.

 Consider that under Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton, we’ve seen:

  • A deepening of corruption in the IRS targeting conservative groups. No one can doubt that will get worse and broader under a corrupt Hillary presidency;
  • The outright lies about Obamacare that has led to millions of Americans losing health insurance because it became so expensive and corrupted the U.S. Constitution;
  • Lying to the American people about the dangerous Iran nuclear deal — which basically gives nukes to the Mullahs in Tehran;
  • The outright refusal to close the southern border and to enforce our nation’s immigration laws — leaving us vulnerable and economically weakened;
  • The decision (led by Hillary) to topple Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi with no plan beyond that, leading to a vacuum that has been filled by ISIS.
  • Benghazi.

And can you imagine who she would put on the Supreme Court and the ensuing changes to the Constitution that would happen without any vote of the people? Complete disaster. Incompetence. Terrible judgment. And more than anything, an ongoing, rolling string of corruption and scandals.

Hillary cannot be trusted to be President. She wouldn’t even be able to get basic security clearances at this point. She just cannot be allowed to win if we want to retain any semblance of the country we have known.

Only Donald Trump can stop her. He has proven competence in running large organizations and a vision for making the country great again, starting with basic enforcement of immigration laws — something the President is sworn to do but this one has not and Hillary certainly will not.

Many local Republicans supported other candidates in the excellent primaries. But that stage is completed. The Democrats are rallying behind Hillary.

Rallying behind Trump is critical. It’s the only way to stop Hillary. And further, it will help every candidate down the ballot from the U.S. Senate to local Florida Senators and Representatives to County Commissioners and School Board Members.

The Republican Party of Sarasota County is the local nucleus from which to ensure that we do our part on the ground in Sarasota County — a critical county in a critical state.

Now is the moment to save our great nation!

By Joe Gruters

Joe Gruters is the Vice-Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida and Chairman of the Republican Party of Sarasota