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May 26, 2023

Next REC Meeting

The next Hillsborough County Republican Executive Committee Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 8, 2023, with social hour beginning at 6:00 PM and the meeting starting promptly at 7:00 PM.

Our Guest Speaker is Jaime Arellano, exiled Nicaraguan journalist who dared to speak out against the authoritarian regime of Daniel Ortega.  Survivor of several assassination attempts and 13 years in prison, Mr. Arellano will discuss his horrific experiences under the brutal communist government of Nicaragua.
If you are interested in hearing Mr. Arellano story, but are not a member of the Hillsborough County Republican Executive Committee, please make your reservation here, as space is limited.

Agenda Highlights

Proposed Resolutions

  • Ban the Jab (Rick Kunz)


  • Jaime Arelleno: Political Exiled Activist (Voice of Nicaragua)
  • Chris Paradies: Candidate Training

A Message From the Chair



By: Dana Galen

For many years I’ve been asked the same question. Why? The question is always with a combination of cynicism and bafflement. Although some try to hide it, there is also a bit of disgust from many Democrats. Regardless of how the question is asked, my answer is always the same. “I refuse to let anyone define me.” It is the simplest and most honest answer I can give. In my mind, like a big windshield wiper, I wipe away their facial expression and prepare for battle. Then a calmness falls over me that can only come from the Lord.
I was raised in one of those Democrat, JFK-centric, families of the 1960s. I was taught that Democrats cared more about black people and that Democrats stood between blacks and extinction. Of course, this was a huge lie but the brainwashing had already begun. Black mothers were already learning about the importance of being married to the “state” and not being married to the actual father of the children they were giving birth to. They were also learning about the financial benefits of the “more babies you had the more money your new husband (or the government) will give you”. Fortunately, I was blessed to have an intact family. Mother, father, two older sisters, etc.

But sadly, I watched other family members, and cousins, struggle. Living their lives married to the welfare train. My life wasn’t rosy, but although my sisters and I were raised by flawed parents they were determined that we do not fall into the baby-welfare trap.
Two big events changed the trajectory of my life at a very young age. My parents moved us to the suburbs after spending my first five school years in a failing and crumbling black-segregated school, we moved to a predominately-white school and suddenly I was one of two black children surrounded by kids who had a huge advantage over me, being that they were educated in white schools since kindergarten. Although I was disadvantaged, I wasn’t a victim. I just needed to catch up.

The second big event was a little red-haired girl named Donna inviting me to her church. That changed my life. She lived a couple of blocks from me so with the love and acceptance of her family, I became a member of their family. I attended church with them every Sunday and Wednesday night for Bible studies. Every church retreat, and every vacation Bible school, I was there.

One of the greatest lessons I eventually learned from these two big events in life was this: I am not a victim and I will not allow anyone to define me as such. This is why I’m a Conservative Republican. What others think of me or you, for that matter, does not define you. Let God define you and THEN you can define yourself.

So, in the process of defining myself, I am proud to say that I’m hated by one group – Black Democrats. But I am despised by another group - White Democrats. Both groups hate to see me coming. Blacks hate black Republicans because they are not victims, they do not want handouts and they refuse to remain on the plantation. Once a black person becomes a Republican, they are now uppity and a race traitor. Whatever that means.

White Democrats hate black Republicans because we take away their power. We don’t need their handouts, and when we don’t need them, we take away their power in two ways. First, we take away the effectiveness of their “do-gooder” conscience. Second, we black conservatives affect their wallets. Democrat politicians need their constituents to always be fighting for the greater good of someone or something else because that brings in the cash. Remember the polar bear on the piece of ice. You would not believe the millions the Democrats have made on the back of this one polar bear and whatever you do, you CAN’T take that polar bear off of the ice because then that means the funds will dry up. Get the connection? Blacks rioting and begging for “reparations”-good. Blacks who are successfully running corporations-bad.

Black Conservatives stick a spear of reality into their do-gooder bubble. You see, some people just need to be needed and the Democrat politicians have learned to use the guilt of white Democrats to bring home the bacon by fundraising and thereby donating to the DNC. In turn, the further I wander off of the plantation, the more hated I am.

As a rule, the one who has a calm and well-thought-out, and consistent delivery in a conversation is usually seen in a better light than the one who is argumentative and loud. I do enjoy making people yell at me because I come from a space of clear-eyed positivity. I’d rather start every relationship out on a good and positive note than a negative, rude note. And the following reasons are the reasons that I’m a conservative.

  • I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to make a better life for themselves if they have the mental faculties and the desire.
  • I believe that no one is born a victim based on the color of their skin.
  • I believe that I won the lottery of life by being born in this amazing experiment, called America.
  • I believe that my rights and freedoms were given to me by God the Father, not by a slaveholder, a politician, or any person – living or dead.

I write all of this in the hope that you define yourself. I use the example of my life as a black adult only because that’s where I’m coming from, but these principles can be used for anyone. Never let anyone tell you that you are a hateful, racist, bigot, etc. ad-infinitum just because you are a Conservative or a Republican. You should always, with calm and integrity state who you are, state why you believe, and move on. Don’t throw pearls before swine. Better to walk away with all of your dignity well intact and say a little prayer for the haters.


General Announcements

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Call to Action

Please visit our website to read about the July 12, 2023 meeting of the Board of County Commissioners when a report of the funding provided to nonprofit organizations by Hillsborough County taxpayers will be discussed. You can also access the report there. Let your opinion be heard by clicking on the links provided to contact all of the Commissioners in writing or in person.

We would like to thank Harry Simon, owner of the International Event Venue, 6463 W. Hillsborough Avenue, Tampa, for his generous donation of the Venue for our monthly HCREC meetings.


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