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July 13, 2023


Next REC Meeting: August 10, 2023

The next Hillsborough County Republican Executive Committee Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 10, 2023, with social hour beginning at 6:00 PM and the meeting starting promptly at 7:00 PM. Guests are welcome to attend.

A Message From the Chair

Dana Galen
A Day that SHOULD Go Down in Infamy

I will tell you why I’m happy about today’s Supreme Court Ruling which removed Affirmative Action from the books. Sadly, we cannot press a rewind button and remove it from our past.  I think if most of us would close our eyes and remember back into the not-so-far reaches of our memories, we would all most likely, if we’re being honest, remember a moment when we thought, in the recesses of our brain “I Wonder if This Person got this job because they were _____________ pick your race, pick your skin color, pick your sexual persuasion. 

I know that I, being a black woman, have had these thoughts. But I don’t blame myself, nor should you blame yourself.  This is what affirmative action has done to our brains.  We want to think that’s not true and I’m sure there are some of you who want to argue and claim that you would “never think such a thing”.  I can’t judge one way or the other, but I CAN judge the “Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations” that has branded every person of color since the inception of affirmative action. 

When I read some of the horrific things that were said on Twitter when this ruling came down, I was shaken to my core.  Although I have experienced it many times, the hatred that white socialists American democrats have toward blacks and anyone who isn’t white is astonishing and to think they can express their bigotry with pride is unfathomable.  Had any Republican said these things, we would have been canceled, our children taken away, and behind bars – at least in Twitter jail. 

Most people find it difficult to believe what I’ve voiced for so long.  Democrats are the party of hatred, corruption, murder, and wickedness.  And their true colors blazed forth today.  You see, it still angers me to no end when I read and witnessed on the air white democrats speak openly about the “fact” that black people will never be able to accomplish ANYTHING anymore because affirmative action is gone.  What a horrible insult and instead of the race baiters like Al Sharpton and Cornel West and MSNBC Joyless Reed being insulted by these comments, they jumped on the “Stupid Black Folks” Train and AGREED!!!!! Unbelievable. The warped minds of the most evil, corrupt bunch of vipers who have led black folks to hell on earth want to double down and keep the black folks on the plantation for even longer!  

If we don’t understand by now that white democrats hate black Americans, listen to them tell you how stupid you are.  Listen to them tell you that you will never amount to anything if they are not graciously giving it to you.  How does that feel?  Please let me know because I have no idea how it feels to be led around by the nose by any person on this earth.  It reminds me of the disgraceful statement made by MLK, Jr. who said in his march on Washington, “We are here to cash a check.  You (meaning white folks) said you were giving me freedom after the civil war, well, we’re here to get that freedom”.  WHAT????  They marched all the way to Washington DC to get freedom?  Freedom that we are all given by our Lord God almighty from the moment of our birth?  THAT freedom?

If Affirmative Action proved anything it was that black Americans are still on the plantation. Remove those shackles and start raising your children, quit having babies out of wedlock, and make sure you and your children are educated, strong, loving human beings who will be ASSETS to the world.  Move heaven and earth to get your babies out of failing schools and give them the strong family unit they deserve.  YOU take off the shackles on your brain and start going back to church and focus on the Lord in your life every day.  Hold the Lord and your children close and raise them in the way of the Lord and not in the way of this world.  Let THAT be YOUR AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Everyday. 

Get Involved - Volunteer for a Committee

Whether you are an HCREC Member or a Concerned Citizen, your participation is needed. Contact one or more Committee Chairs and volunteer.


JULY 4, 2023

We want to thank the many members of the Hillsborough GOP, our Republican Club members, and the numerous patriotic citizens who came out to participate in the Independence Day Parades in Brandon and Temple Terrace.

The Brandon Parade and the Alafia Republican Club


The City of Temple Terrace Parade and the Temple Terrace Area Republican Club



Hillsborough County - Board of County Commissioners (BOCC)

On July 12, 2023, members of the Hillsborough County GOP attended the Board of County Commissioners' meeting to remind them of their responsibility to the taxpayers. We want government accountability and we want our roads and infrastructure to be a priority. We want oversight of the millions of taxpayer dollars awarded to nonprofit organizations without any care to how the funds are spent. This must stop. If you missed the meeting, you can still let the commissioners know what we expect by writing to them here:

Hillsborough County School Board

The School Board holds its public meetings on the first and third Tuesday of the month. The meetings begin at 4:00 pm, when many parents and concerned citizens who would like to address the Board are still at work. There is an initiative underway to request that the Board change its meeting start time to 6:00 pm. Members of the Hillsborough Republican Party and Citizens Defending Freedom spoke in favor of this change at the July 11, 2023 School Board meeting. If you would like to write to the Board on this matter in support of this change, please go here: link

Committee Accomplishments / Events Highlights

Communications Committee

Several months ago, the Communications Committee began publication of the HCREC newsletter, The Right News. The purpose of the newsletter is to educate the voters of Hillsborough County and ensure they have the information they need to get Republicans elected. The newsletter provides information to concerned citizens about how they can get involved and the many ways they can volunteer in our efforts to turn Hillsborough RED!

We would like to thank Harry Simon, owner of the International Event Venue, 6463 W. Hillsborough Avenue, Tampa, for his generous donation of the Venue for our monthly HCREC meetings.
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