Pick the ONE issue that is most important to YOU, the reason that you live in the U.S. and vote for the candidate that will give you that. 

Want to live under a system of Constitutional laws? OR under anti-constitutional activist judges where “the law is flexible” and undefined, subject to the judge’s feelings of “(social) justice” where in you have no input and become a servant to them (serfdom)?

Want to live in a country with a strong Constitution where you can defend your family with firearms a deterrent to governmental tyranny?  OR where only criminals and the government have all the guns?

Want to live where people are employed and the country can build, work and spend its way to prosperity?  OR where people rely on government handouts that are barely adequate to live on,  handouts paid for by people who still have a job? 

Want to live in a country that, under the Constitution, allows us to verbally criticize and petition the government against laws you think are unfair/unjust?  OR where a dictator rules by executive decree, does not allow criticism of government officials, does not allow criticism of government policies and does not allow criticism of "protected" individuals?

Want to live in a country where the Constitution provides equality between males and females?  OR where women are "lightly beaten" and canned, stoned with their hands tied behind their back, women not allowed to own a house or a car, women not allowed to vote, women not allowed to have a driver license, women not allowed to work or women not allowed to have money of their own, women not allowed outside their house without their husband?   

Want to live in a country in which the Constitution allows peaceful assembly OR live under a system that only allows government "protected" assemblies?  

What is your reason for living in America?

If you can’t think of a reason to live in America, then don’t vote                                                                        ... and you won't live in "America" anymore.

                                                                                                                                -by Frank Giorgio