by Jeremiah Fortson   

Who is Antifa, The KKK, Black Lives Matter, The Nazi’s, Skin Heads, and The American Media, Occupy Wall Street? Why they are all members of the Democrat Party.

The Republican Party is not welcoming in the Klan and making a home for these groups. The Democrat party is, however.

These groups are conferred great Moral Status by the Democrat Party.  They are the groups of violence they are the group of riots, they are the ones that show up without permits. They are the ones destroying private property such as in Ferguson and such as in Baltimore.  The Democrat party loves them, welcomes them, they raise money for them and from them, and they campaign for their vote and their money. And yet the news is that the Nazis and their Swastika’s, the White Supremacist and the Klan make up the Trump voter base.  It is unconscionable, it is inaccurate and it is untrue. There are so few of those people they couldn’t elect a dog catcher. 

The Left, by using Identity politics, seeks to convince as many people as possible that they are victims of this country. Specifically that they are victims of the people who have founded this country and who have so called ran this country from the beginning, Every minority group even the ones who are made up by the Democrats are said to be victims. Once they have accepted the victim hood status conferred upon them or they are empowered by the Democrat party and the National Media and even some Republicans who have never liked President Trump being elected Republicans of the Washington DC swamp, have given them power to take upon them any action to redress their grievance even if it is lawless.   They are morally allowed to break any law because what they are fighting is so outrageous.

Will the Democrat party ever get tired of playing the Race Card?  No, because they cannot afford to.

The Media is continuing its seminal effort to divide this country.  The Media now is the organizing “Power and Force” that propels and drives the Leftist agenda in this country, it is not the Democrat party.  Don’t get me wrong Democrats are still serious players, and the tactic the media is using universally and nationwide is identity politics. Identity Politics is being used to divide us by racial lines, gender and bathroom use.


Jeremiah Fortson of Temple Terrace is a member of the Hillsborough County Executive Committee.