by Don Henderson           

Raised in the home of a college history professor, I learned very early in life the differences between conservatism, liberalism, socialism, communism, and the other “isms”. It was very clear that only one of these “isms” aligned with our values, standards and principles – Conservatism.

Only in conservatism is there true liberty and freedom for all people. In the 1850’s the Republican Party was started due to a conviction that all men, regardless of skin color, should be free. This principle has not changed. The constant fight against racism, standing against bigger and bigger government, plus the understanding that all governments handle tax money poorly are three key indicators that the Republican Party still stands for liberty and freedom. To uphold the dignity of all races, to assure that governing comes from the local level and to keep taxes low insures that America is still the land of opportunity.

Only in conservatism is there true respect and regard for the constitution. This land is a land of laws, not men. No individual, not even the President, has the right to violate the Constitution. This one point was probably the greatest heartbreak to conservatives during Obama’s term. The US Constitution is based upon the careful study of thousands of years of past governments, discovering their weaknesses that led to the heavy oppression of the people. The founding fathers cherry picked the best principles they could find from past governments, added new principles never before tried and drafted the greatest governmental document ever penned. Our Constitution is based upon principles that put the people ahead of the government, and these principles never change.

Only in conservatism is there provision for the people to be armed so they may defend themselves. In America, every law abiding citizen has the right to defend themselves from enemies near and far.

Only in conservatism is property ownership allowed so that property can be used to leverage debt. In researching, I discovered that many other nations had strong economies, yet the average people were still far behind those in America. One key reason is that the government owns the land that people live on and that there businesses are built on. Therefore, there was no ability to borrow money against the land. Americans have many advantages over other nations and this is one of the greatest.

Only in conservatism are religious freedoms truly protected. The reason the pilgrims came to this “new land” was for religious freedom. In conservatism, it is understood that there is no separation of church and state, except for the fact the state should in no way have influence over the church.

Only in conservatism are businesses allowed to make a fair profit without the burden of over taxation and needless regulations.

Only in conservatism is all life seen as sacred. Whether the pre-born, elderly or disabled, every life is precious.

Only in conservatism is there true education and not indoctrination.

Only in conservatism are the morals of the Judean-Christian ideals upheld.

Only in conservatism is there justice, honesty, and goodwill towards others.

Of all the political parties to choose from, the Republican Party is the closest to sharing these same values and principles. No other party is even a distant second.

This is why I am a proud Republican!


Don Henderson of Valrico is a member of the Hillsborough County Republican Executive Committee.