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    Philip Dru Administrator, book review

    Book Review: Philip Dru Administrator by Edward Mandell House

    Would you like an idea of what the Liberals have been planning since the early 20th Century? Philip Dru, Administrator is an easy read; it's free to acquire online; and it shows you how the Left envisioned their ideal utopia to function.

    Written in 1912, the story is set in the future years of 1920-1935. It begins in the middle of a fictitious Civil War between the egalitarian western United States and the aristocratic East where one very self-righteous man, Philip Dru, believes he has the answer for all of society’s ills. He, along with a small elite group of supporters, believes he is the only person capable of righting what is wrong with America. He completely overhauls the United States government by enlisting all manner of “experts” to evaluate the entire federal government and institute their recommended "perfect" reforms. Dru then steps aside to make way for another Administrator to take his place. In reality, the United States in the story turns into a benevolent dictatorship. Keep in mind, when the book was written, the world had yet to experience the horrors that Marx's ideology unleashed on the globe. The many off-shoots of Marxism were still just philosophical ideals extolled by those who believed that Communism was the answer to the perceived troubles of Capitalism. 

    In 1912 America, our colleges and universities had already begun their transformation into the autocratic Ivory Towers we know today. At the end of the 1800s, two main philosophical “schools” exported their brand of scientism* to the United States where they found open arms in academe: Fabian Socialists from Britain and the Frankfurt School from Germany. Both of these groups hated the American Revolution and the freedom enshrined in the Declaration and Constitution; they hated faith; and they hated Capitalism. The originators rallied around Darwin and Marx to begin a deliberate pogrom to define evolution and Marxism as scientific fact, while disparaging religion in order to delegitimize faith for the purpose of eventually reversing individual liberty as well as to destroy Capitalism through official government policy.

    By legitimizing science over religion, the professorial Marxist-Darwinian apostles began a methodical takeover of education, media, government, culture, etc through scientific-sounding propaganda. They formed professional associations; lobbied politicians; wrote verbose treatises; and developed influential networks of like-minded individuals who worked together to gain strides toward their end-goal of utopia on Earth. Today, we see our massive federal bureaucracy populated with bloviating “experts” trying to administer every aspect of our lives (and usually failing miserably).

    This book will give valuable insight into what the early Leftist disciples thought would be the Humanist's Heaven on Earth because they all believed (and still believe) that those outside their scholarly officious circle are completely incapable of taking care of themselves and must be guided through our miserable lives whether we want it or not.

    *Scientism is a cult-like adherence to science as an ideal rather than quantifiable facts and theories that can be challenged and tested. It is looking to a person who is assumed to be an expert for direction rather than looking at evidence, weighing it logically, and making reasoned deductions. Today, real scientists use computer modeling more than hands-on experimental testing to reach actionable conclusions. Computer information is only as good as the data inputted and has led to many “mistakes” and oppressive governmental responses. This author believes scientism to be more religion than science.

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    Facebook makes you dance to dispute a fact-check


    Granted Absolution by the Omniscient Fact-Checkers and I was Grateful

    I was recently fact-checked on Facebook for the first time. Surprisingly, I have actually never been fact-checked before – unbelievable, I know. I have had posts and comments turned into the Facebook police and told that my post violated community standards, but today was my first bona fide fact-check.

    The problem is that the fact-checker is wrong and I can prove it, but there is no clear way to dispute the all-knowing, all-seeing checkers of facts. This is a problem, because, unless I am wrong, not one of them is omniscient, but Facebook treats them as if they are. Like a Papal Bull, if the checkers of facts deem something to be false – it is. So when they deem 2+2=5, what are we serfs to do?

    My post was an innocent quote by C.S. Lewis set in a meme form. I admit, I downloaded a meme that was already created instead of creating my own, but I had just read the quote in “Mere Christianity” – a book authored by…<cue drum roll, please>…C.S. Lewis. Immediately I received an overlay and notice that the quote is not attributable to C.S. Lewis. Now, I understand that sometimes older books are edited by others with some nuanced changes, so I checked the book over and did a quick internet search for a copy of the book online to make sure that what I had read a half hour earlier might have been edited by someone else. In less than 2 minutes, I found (on the first page of the search results) two free pdf versions of the book. Looking in both of those, I found the quote sitting exactly where I had found it in the paperback version.

    So, I went back to my Facebook post and clicked the “why” button on the overlay (HINT: Pay attention to the media company and the country the fact-check is attributed to – you will need this later). First of all, the quote I posted doesn’t even match the fact-checked quote. Second, even if the quote was the one checked, I have three separate editions of the book that says the fact-checker is wrong. And lastly, there is no “You’re wrong” link for me to dispute the rating.

    What is on the “Why you are an idiot” sleeve is a “Learn more” link, so I clicked on that. It brought me to the Help Center. Now I’m not sure how you define help, but I define it much differently than the cabal that runs Facebook. The help center is far from helpful. There’s a whole lot of useless information about how committed Facebook is to accurate information being spread on the internet (clearly not) and how the independent fact-checkers rate each other’s accuracy meaning that Fact-checking is Big Tech’s version of an Emmy where other fact-checkers kisses each other’s backside instead of caring if they are correct or not. Nowhere is there a place for me, the lowly user to rate their accuracy mind you. Then it goes on to tell me how I can report information to be checked by the all-wise ones. Then, tucked way down on the page is a link to “provide feedback on stories you think are false” which is where I (stupidly) assumed I could get redress, but alas – that is not the case. This link was to educate the lowly plebes on how to flag a post as false. So I went back and searched again.

    Don’t ask me how I got there, but I wandered onto the Business Help page. This page is for business accounts on Facebook to appeal fact-checks, ratings received, etc.and I really don’t qualify for the help on this page because my post was on my personal page and A QUOTE OF AN AUTHOR! This is the page, however, where the location of the omniscient one comes into play. Scroll down and you will see a list of countries – find yours in the list and click on it. Mine was from Australia (Do they not read C.S. Lewis down there?). That provides a link to the agencies in that country with which Facebook contracts. Click it and voila – your email program opens like magic like the red telephone in the Oval Office, you are provided a lifeline to dispute your sins. Oh. My. Goodness.

    After a few back-and-forths with the fact-checking gods, I was able to get my post cleared. No apology. Not even an “oops, my bad.” They just moved along to the next petitioner like they were handing out alms and I should be grateful.

    I am reminded of the poem by Rudyard Kipling, “The Gods of the Copybook Headings,” where the gods of the marketplace twist reality, promise peace, and fuller life which the people gladly embrace. Those who speak up are demonized, but prevail in the end because the gods of the copybook headings are “inescapable conditions inherent in human nature, witnessed by history, [and] ignored at our peril (JMS Tompkins). I pray that is true because our world has gone insane. Real objective Truth is discoverable and 2 plus 2 will always equal 4.

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    Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? book review

    Book Review: Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? by Richard J. Maybury

    How many times have you gone into a store and noticed the price of something has increased? It happens all the time. For that matter, I can remember listening to my grandmother tell me about her experiences when she was young in the 30’s and early 40’s. She used to be able to take a penny into the candy store and buy 3 items with it! So, what happened?

    We are inundated daily with “experts” on the news channels spewing economic terms like “inflation,” “deficits,” and “monetary policy.” But, what do those terms actually mean and why are there differing philosophies on how to manage them?

    Years ago, I came across a book that began an economic journey for me and provided such clarity on answers to the questions above (and more), that I always keep a copy of the book to give to others when the need arises. Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? By Richard J. Maybury was originally written in 1989 and begins a series of books tackling the subject of economics for middle to high school level children. However, the truths taught in the books are wonderfully explained from the perspective of a Constitutional Capitalist, which the author calls a Juris Naturalist (natural law). The books are rife with quotes from our founding fathers and an adherence to their economic philosophies.

    I highly recommend everyone read the Uncle Eric series of books, but especially Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? to educate yourself rather than relying on “experts” who probably don’t adhere to many of the ideologies of the founding fathers.

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    Blacklisted by History book review

    Book Review: Blacklisted by History by M. Stanton Evans

    What if I told you that what you think you know about Senator Joe McCarthy and his investigations into Communists working in the United States government was wrong?

    The conventional image of the Senator from Wisconsin is of a bully, a liar, and a demagogue but that is the media narrative which has yet to be corrected after over 60 years of gaslighting. The author presents a well-researched narrative detailing McCarthy’s rise to prominence through his censure and beyond. Using original documents obtained from the Senate and FBI archives; personal papers of those who “starred” in the drama; and digging through both de-classified documents from the United States and the former Soviet Union, M. Stanton Evans takes great pains to lay out what was a 1950s version of the Deep-State Cabal.

    The parallels to today are stunning and show that the United States government hasn’t changed much from the 1940s. Many people today confuse what Senator McCarthy investigated with the House Un-American Affairs Committee (HUAC) and rarely use primary sources to tell the story. What the author found was that people who reference McCarthy in their narrative cite other authors creating a circular narrative where one wrong person cites another instead of investigating themselves.

    Thomas Jefferson told us to “Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.” So, years ago, I began a deep-dive into Senator McCarthy – what I found was disturbing until I came across Blacklisted by History which put to rest many of my underlying reservations about the “consensus” that McCarthy was public enemy number one.