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Our Next Meeting is Thursday, June 8, 2023.

Our Guest Speaker is Jaime Arellano, exiled Nicaraguan journalist who dared to speak out against the authoritarian regime of Daniel Ortega.  Survivor of several assassination attempts and 13 years in prison, Mr. Arellano will discuss his horrific experiences under the brutal communist government of Nicaragua.
If you are interested in hearing Mr. Arellano story, but are not a member of the Hillsborough County Republican Executive Committee, please make your reservation here, as space is limited.

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During the April 5th, 2023 Hillsborough County Commission meeting, a Non-Profit spending report was delivered to Commissioner Joshua Wostal. The Report detailed $225 Million Dollars of spending over a 10-year period with zero tracking and verification of how these monies were spent. It revealed that the county now funds over 100 Non-Profits a year for roughly $40 Million/year with no proof of service to the community required. This report and a list of these expenses are in the attached document below.

On July 12th, 2023 YOU will have an opportunity to demand that the Hillsborough County Commissioners finally reallocate funds to infrastructure and roads FIRST. The public meeting to receive the 2024 Budget is at 9 am located at County Center, 601 E Kennedy BLVD, Tampa FL 33607. We are working on having 100 people, or more, present to show the BOCC how we are following the budget and care greatly about how our tax dollars are allocated.
Would you help today by writing and respectfully urging the commissioners to fund the minimum $70 Million/year needed for annual road maintenance and identify funding for new road widening as needed? You can email all the commissioners easily by following this LINK

DON'T DELAY, write the entire board today! I did and it took just a few minutes!
Sign up to speak at this meeting in person or virtually by clicking HERE


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